Friday, March 30, 2007


I am gonna do two review on two blog site and make a link on to it for the simple reason that I frequently read both of the blog. And because I frequently read them I am gonna make them as an officially link! And maybe after this I am gonna review and all the links in this kuku site/blog.

Speaking of the question of linking just e-mail me. Anyway just because I link and read them it doesn’t mean I ever endorse them! Not every one of them…

In fact some of the link… I totally am against it and may even hate it! Which one?? Well that’s for you to decide!



There are many things that can be stolen. In poetry and writing, word can be stolen…. In the digital world, byte, information and even idea… but for some the worst of them all is when in love… the heart is been stolen.

But those are really not truly stolen. The true act of stealing is when there is a physically
Stolen of something physical! That’s when it truly becomes criminal!

Damn… I just had my Nokia cellphone (and another Sagem) and my Nikkon digital camera stolen, while my friend just had his Japanese Sony Laptop stolen too. And what is worse is we lost it in the house. Hmm… What should be my next few move (thinking like a chess player)??????

Ohh well… looks like I just need to continue to just blogging and commentary for the moment (plus never forget research of course).

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Sorry for the lacks of either update or reviews or even anything silly. I am quite busy and have lots of work right now which mean I having problem updating regularly. By the end of next week, hopefully I can be free again. Have a nice day!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Kukuman is Turning Blue 2.

It is official, I am turning blue again! Well not really, I just decided to add a new blog just to do real blogging again. The old will still be main site!

I just decided that I wanna separate personal issue, useless rambling talk or anything silly and nonsensical stuff with the main one. This blog deals with those kind of issue in order not to dilute the main one. It is also a place to do some commentary, review and talks on issue create by the original.

The original will still be available but it will concern thing that has a more 'kuku' nature. The Post would be typically longer and has more quality but is unfortunately harder to write and update frequently unless there is more contributer beside kukuman.
will not act as a real blog because the post are more universal and timeless and doesn't act on personal issue or feelings. It will not be up to date and focuses rather on longer article. Therefore it's quality cannot be diluted with too many silly or useless post.