Sunday, March 18, 2007

Kukuman is Turning Blue 2.

It is official, I am turning blue again! Well not really, I just decided to add a new blog just to do real blogging again. The old will still be main site!

I just decided that I wanna separate personal issue, useless rambling talk or anything silly and nonsensical stuff with the main one. This blog deals with those kind of issue in order not to dilute the main one. It is also a place to do some commentary, review and talks on issue create by the original.

The original will still be available but it will concern thing that has a more 'kuku' nature. The Post would be typically longer and has more quality but is unfortunately harder to write and update frequently unless there is more contributer beside kukuman.
will not act as a real blog because the post are more universal and timeless and doesn't act on personal issue or feelings. It will not be up to date and focuses rather on longer article. Therefore it's quality cannot be diluted with too many silly or useless post.

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