Sunday, April 29, 2007


Free is something that is what we all want maybe all the time, usually most of the time. Especially if it is something that we consider very valuable or priceless. Free is something valuable that we can obtain without giving up anything else for exchange. Imagine if we have anything we want for free?

Unfortunately the world is just not like that! The saying goes, “there is no such thing as a free lunch”. Meaning that you must pay for it or someone else with various motives will have to pay it.

For example if we thing are eating for free on a welfare, we must remember that someone else is paying for the tax. So the welfare becomes a tax or burden for the ‘paying’ society. If someone else is paying for your meal, then remember that guy is hoping something in return whether directly or not.

While this argument on no free lunch may seams a bit cold, harsh and very cruel , never the less it is still a good and very positive advice to listen to. We need to work for and earn for to achieve anything in this world.

Having said that, we should never forget one thing! The world is truly free! It is limited and finite but free none the less.(off course we need to use it wisely). We are actually free! Even though we are seam to lead not to believe this way.

There are many things that are actually free. These thing are that of which God has given us and inherit to us the day when we were born. It is from the air we breathe, the mind we possess, the Life we have and to the human right we are privilege to! It is also our freedom and power of choice. Even though it is said, freedom is not free but we are actually born with freedom.

But the sometimes, some people don’t like that which is free. It is bad for business they say! We can make a profit they say! No productivity they say! We need the people to pay for theses thing. If we are government we can tax them, if we are a corporation we will charge them!

Maybe we are not really free at all, we are just renting thing or maybe we are just being a serf to someone or some entity. Even with the advent of modern technology, the world never had change at all. We are just more modernly control and being in a Slave-Dom, with modern technique. But whatever or whoever tries to control and slave mankind. Just remember we are born free and that is ours to keep. That is our right. No what we are being lied to.

Speaking of free, I just hope I can now blog more freely or just more free time to blog.